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Awkward Dialogues

26 Jul

“I don’t know why these words just had to appear in my draft”

“Maybe you really wanted to write it down”

“But I hate romantic and cheesy lines, it makes me want to vomit”

“Hm… Seems like you just wanted someone to say those things for you”

“That’s gross”

“‘You’re getting prettier every single day'”

“Shut up”

“‘Do you want me to hold your hand, it seems lonely?'”

“Don’t touch me”

“‘I like you'”

“Get away”

“‘I know you feel the same way, I can tell by your eyes'”

“Just stop it”

“‘Do you need a hug, I can always give you one?'”

“I don’t need one”

“I’m kidding, it’s not like I really meant those words”

“This is the reason why I vowed that I will be forever single”

“Why is that?”

“I don’t give a damn about romance”

“Lighten up will you”

“Still not changing my mind”

“But your work doesn’t say so”

“It’s not like these things will ever happen in my life”

“‘Do you want to kiss me?'”


“Maybe I can do some modifications here”