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Poem Trouble

30 Aug

I’m seriously failing Literature for the third time already, I seriously got a 5/15 in my paper, it’s all because of poetry. It’s not my fault that I can’t write poetry nicely like most of my classmates. Now I have to suffer another poem writing but this time its with a partner, well that’s a reliever, but I’m starting to feel bad because I don’t know how to cooperate in the activity because as I said before I CAN’T WRITE POEMS! I’m doing my best to think of words for my poem but nothing is coming in my mind, now I just don’t know what to do now. I feel like giving up.


Lost Twin

23 Aug

“I’m planning to join the blue clan”

Those words struck me as I dropped the cheery-soda can I was holding.

“You can’t join them, because of them dad got killed!”

I gripped on his shirt and started sobbing.

“That’s why I want to join the blues, I’m taking over his place”

“What about mother, what did she say about this?”

He pulled something out from underneath the kontatsu. It was wrapped with a black cloth and tied with red strings.

“She gave me this as her answer”

Slowly, as he unties the strings and unwrapped the cloth my eyes widened.


It was a rapier with beautiful carvings on it’s long blade, it’s hilt glistered in gold, and it looked so new as if it was never used in battle.

“You’re right, it’s dad’s rapier. Mother gave it to me and told me to use in honor of our father, but-”

He stood up stood closer to me.

“I want you to have it instead”

My jaw dropped and hands gripped on to my skirt, he must be joking.

“What are you doing!”

“I don’t want to use father’s sword, I know that I am not worth using it against my enemies or to even use it to serve my king”

He handed me the sword and my hands were shaking as I took it from his hands, running my hands through the cold blade.

“Why me?”

I felt my teary eyes started to sting and tears started streaming down.

“Father has always admired your skills in wielding a sword, I believe you can use this better than me”

“What about mother, she trusted you with this?”

He patted my head, his hands felt so warm and so comforting.

“She’ll understand, so about me joining the task force it’s okay if I do-”

“I approve”

I hugged the blade tightly as I said those words without a second thought, but it was actually a mistake.

“Are you sure, you know I can just forget about joining the clan?”

“No! Big brother has always dreamed of joining the blues and I know that you’ve always wanted to become king, as your little sister I don’t want to be the hindrance to your dream but instead I want to support you. I want to be onni-chan’s strength”

I shot my head up, showing him my determined face, and he started laughing.

“I’m really glad that I had you for a twin sister”

He opened his arms and pulled me in for a hug.

“It’s because of I wanted to this utopia that we have always dreamed of, I will someday make this dream a reality so that we can finally live happily together. Because of you I wanted to be king”

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22 Aug

“You need to get out more”

“I have no time for that”

“But you’ve been locking yourself in this dark room for weeks already, might as well go out at least once”

“I can’t, I’m working on something”

“Did you just hack the government’s data base?”

“Yup, it took me a long time but I finally managed to go through their system. Cool isn’t it?”

“You should stop already”

“Not an option, I need to deliver these data to the boss”

“God, you’re kissing up to the boss again?”

“It’s none of your business. If you’ll excuse me I must go back and report my success”

“What if I told you that I won’t let you?”

“If words won’t move you then might as well use physical force”

“You don’t have the guts to do that”

“Even though you’re a field agent that doesn’t mean I can’t bring you down, I used to be a field agent as well remember?”

“Then let me see what your body can do”

“Wait, what are you doi- Stop!”

“I thought your going to use your body against me, I just want to know how much you can handle”

“Don’t touch me!”

“You should take off your suit, we can’t use that in the process. Am I right?”


22 Aug

“You seem depress”

“I’m celebrating my birthday”

He arches a brow then serves her a drink, White Russian.

“Then why are you gloomy over your birthday?”

She takes a sip and slams the the glass on the wooden table.

“Because I’m also celebrating my brother’s death anniversary”

His face flushed as he sees the anger and pain growing in her eyes.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be! It’s my birthday and I don’t want anyone feeling depressed on my day expect for me”

He let out a sigh, she’s right, then a smile flash upon his face as he tries to lift up her spirit.

“Alright then, since it’s your birthday. Drinks is on the house”


He nodded, it’s at least he could do for her.

“Yup and you won’t mind if I drink with you?”

She shook her head and smiled.

“Not at all!”

He grabbed a glass and mixed himself up a drink, Screwdriver.

“So… What do you plan on doing in your birthday afterwards?”

“I don’t know, I actually don’t have any plans tonight”

“Then let me treat you to dinner, how does that sound?”

“Are you sure? I think a free drink is already enough”

“Nonsense, you’re part of the clan now, you’re part of the family. Might as well celebrate with someone other than yourself”

“Alright then, take me to a fancy Italian restaurant. I feel like eating pasta and Gelato tonight”

“Come desidera, signora”

“You don’t have to be that fancy with me”

Plot-block / Writer’s Block

22 Aug

Hello there fellow Bloggers, I am desperately in need of your help with something. You see, I am suffering with the problem “Plot-block” and “Writer’s Block” because I really needed to finish or at least update my fan-fiction in FanFiction.

I’ve been listening endlessly to Yiruma for the past few days and I still don’t have anything in my brain, seems like I used up my brain too much in thinking. I even tried to consult with my fellow writers, well I got an idea but I don’t know how to write it down exactly.

So guys, please help go through this problem because I don’t want to disappoint my readers also, it’s killing my inner self.

By the way here’s the link for my fan-fiction in case you want to know:

Forgive me if mostly my works there are Anime since I am a big fan of Anime and I read Mangas, I even consider myself an Otaku. For those who don’t enjoy Anime or Manga or even my fandoms, please excuse me for that because I can’t control my inner fangirl.

Thank you again and I can’t wait to read your suggestions. If you want to share with me your fandoms, please feel free to spam or flood the comments.


22 Aug

“Why did you do this to me?”

“Did what to you, sweetheart?”

“I mean chaining my hands and feet to the bed”

“Oh that!”

“Release me at once!”

“Sorry dear, but I can’t do that”

“Why not?!”

“It’s because you might escape and we don’t want that to happen, do we now?”

“You bastard! I swear I’ll kill you”

“I’m not sure you want to do that after what we did last night”

“S-Shut up!”

“I wish you’ll always be like this, so that we can be together forever”

“I rather die than be a slave to you”

“A slave? Dear, you are my angel. Why would I treat you like a slave?”

“You chained me here you son of a bitch”

“Don’t be angry, I just wanted to protect you, that’s all”

“I was fine until you chained me here”

“But I hate the fact that you left me and joined another clan, you know how hurt I was?”

“I don’t give a fuck”

“Why don’t we skip the talking then and go back to what we did last night?”

“Get off me!”

“I hope you’re ready because I won’t stop until you collapse this time”

I am not a poet

22 Aug

Some say I am while others don’t, but in reality I am not