22 Aug

“How could you?”

He watches her stop in front of the door with her resignation letter in his hands.

“Because I have my own reasons”

She reaches out for the door knob but a hand grabbed her wrist and twisted her around.

“That’s not an excuse”

Swallowing hard, she averts his gaze.

“I-I don’t want to work for you anymore”

He grips harder on her wrist as she screams out in pain.

“Then tell me why?”

He presses himself on her.

“You killed him”

He doesn’t flinch.

“I’ve killed men who goes against the law”

She spits in his face and tries to struggle.

“Law? Don’t fuck with me, you killed him for no reason”

It hit a nerve. He used his other hand and grabbed her by the neck, slowly choking her down.

“I’m still your captain, you should show some respect”

She coughed and tries to take his hand off her neck, no good.

“I never did show any damn respect to you, son of a bitch”

He threw her down the floor and pinned her wrists above her with one hand.

“Then I should teach you a lesson about respect”

She felt a hand run down to her thighs, her eyes widened and struggles even more.

“Don’t touch me!”

She hit him with her knees but his body still won’t budge, he was stronger than she seem.

“I’ll make you regret everything, mostly about leaving me”


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