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How could I fall for someone who is already in love with someone else?

15 Oct

I walked through the busy streets of the city, constantly dodging a lot of passers-by, stopping at one end of the crossing road. Little did I know you were there standing at the other end of the road, waving at me and smiling at my presence.

Do you know how happy I am seeing you smile like that?

But this happiness I’ve felt suddenly disappeared as the red lights turn green and people started to walk, I saw his hand take yours and led you away, passing by me like I was not there. I turned my head as I give you a last glance, you were so happy with your arm wrapped around his under the cold night.

Did you know how perfect you look under the moonlight?

Before I turned my head away, away from the sweet sight that you and him share, you gave me one last wave before you start to disappear in the crowd. A small smile crept on my lips as I began to step down from my spot and cross the road.

Little did I know it was that last time I’ll see you and your smile.

How could I fall for someone who is already in love with someone else?