24 Nov

“I’m asking you once again, would you take my place?”

She stared down at the old feeble man in front of her, tears started to flow down from her eyes.

“I can’t, I don’t know how to rule your people”

He tried to laugh but his throat betrayed him.

“Nonsense, you have all the qualities needed to take over. In fact, you are far better than me”

She bit her lip, making a thin line with her lips.

“But why me?”

He smiled.

“Why not you? You deserve to take my place, you deserve to be a king”

She blinked.


She remembered on how she had hated that word. All her life she wanted to abolish the king system and bring back the freedom of those who are under it, mostly free the one in power.

“I have been ruling for more than fifty years already and I couldn’t give my last breath until I find a replacement. There is a cycle that we must follow in order for us to have peace in this world. That’s why I’m asking you, please take over”

He took her hand.

“Are you sure about this?”

She swallowed hard as she starts to feel uneasy.

“Why would I ask you in the first place?”

He managed to give a short chuckle and ended up coughing.

“Fine then, I shall take your place as king”

She held his hand tighter.

A flash of gold appeared before her. She stared at her hand as the golden flame began to creep its way up to her arm, as it starts to consume her whole. But as the flame dies down, his hand fell and his eyes began to shut.

“Thank you and please rule well”

Those were the last words he said before he was able to release his last breath.


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