Doctor and Companion

2 Feb

To The Doctor,

Greetings Doctor I’m glad you are reading this right now because I can now tell you something that I did not have any courage of saying it to you personally. First of all I would just like to say that I am grateful that you have chosen me to travel with you around through time and space. I was scared at first, well you can obviously tell from my constant screams on the first time you activated the TARDIS with me on board, but knowing that you are there by my side I became more confident and courageous to face my fears about the past and future. I was just surprised that have granted me access on TARDDIS.You are my hero. You brought me to places that I never thought of going to because life restraining me from finding out what this universe is all about and all that it has to offer.

It may have been a hectic ride but you were there to help me keep up and basically solve everything with your own Sonic Screwdriver. But time has changed and I am in need to live my own life this time, I believe it is time for me to allow me to live my life in the present. It is not that I did not like time travelling, entering the TARDIS, and spending an eternity wandering around with you like two lost birds. I enjoyed every single moment of it because it isn’t just because of the time being in our hands but us being together the whole time.

Thank you Doctor for accompanying me on this journey and I hope to travel with you again soon.

Sincerely from your beloved,



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