Spoken Words

2 Feb

“I love you”

Is it wrong to say this to a person whom you’re not interested romantically? I wonder because ever since you said those words to me with gratitude I did not know what to say, I took you lightly because of the thought of I knew it can’t be. Before I liked you, I was infatuated, like a little high school girl feeling the butterflies in her stomachs for the first time. I suck at this because I didn’t know how to return the words you told me, even though they were not real.

Time passed and I lost interest in you because I knew you found someone but I never knew your relationship did not last long, why? You were both perfect and then you suddenly splitted. You cried to me before and ranted to me all the things, though I was not good at giving advices because I never had anyone in my life but sometimes experiences are not as helpful as a human’s imagination. I tried to look at things in your perspective but I failed to do so. But about the talk we had earlier you told me you rather go solo because felt more free when you are not chained to your partner, you tend to be more happier because you didn’t need to worry much about anything or anyone.

I smiled because we are just the same. We both wanted to be single because we wanted to be free not chained, happy not limited.

That’s why I said “I love you too” because we both know we can never acknowledge anyone, even ourselves, as lovers.

“I love you too”


2 Responses to “Spoken Words”

  1. smilecalm February 2, 2014 at 8:05 AM #

    a deep friendship
    is love’s nature 🙂

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