About the writer

Hopeless lover / Hopeless romantic

But my works are mostly based on romance, how ironic.


  • Angelika Serene S. Torres is the name (Yes sir, I’m one of a kind!)
  • 15-years old
  • 3rd year Highschool student struggling with Chemistry
  • In love with pillows
  • I suck at writing, literally (I failed Literature when I was 2nd year)
  • I draw with pen and paper or with a tablet and a computer (I do both)
  • Happy, peppy, ball of joy

Inspire me as I write things that makes me go insane and might as well you guys (well I need help with that)

“I’m frustrated, cause I can’t tell if it’s real
Mad, cause I dunno how you feel
Upset, cause we can’t make things right
Sad, cause I need you, day and night
Angry, cause you won’t take my hand
Crying, cause you don’t understand
Hurt, cause we’re not together
And I’ll love you now, until forever.”

Yeah right, I don’t give a damn about love. FOREVER SINGLE! (Proud of it!)


“I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind.” -Leelee Sobieski

Well this is more accurate about me 🙂



One Response to “About the writer”

  1. nanaarhintsiwah February 7, 2014 at 11:08 AM #

    .Hehehehehe….wow!! You’re yourself..

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