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The Silence Of Jealousy

7 Feb

The three of us sat by a small round table. It was you, me , and my best friend.

She had coffee, you had coffee while I got green tea crème.

You cracked a joke, we both laughed.

We all started to converse about our weekends as we make a big noise in the very silent café.

You handed my best friend a long white envelope, I suspect it was the palanca you promised to give her, she opened it and started to read silently.

It was a three-page long palanca typed-written in a long bond paper. I was way longer compared to the palancas you gave to me in the past.

As she read the palanca, you and I began to talk to each other. Your whole attention was focused on me and we never failed to make me smile with your stories. I wished we could have this moment together forever because you make me fall for you even more.

When you cracked another joke I was laughing so hard and I accidentally knocked over my  drink, causing it to spill some on my pants.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom to wash off, leaving you guys together.

After washing off the tea and drying it up I came back to my seat. When I sat down and looked at you guys exchanging shy glances at one another. I blinked many times and thought that my eyes might have been deceiving me.

I tried to start another conversation as I asked what happened when I was gone.

You grew quiet and she did as well.

So I just sat there as I felt alone and unwanted for the first time in my life. I felt like a broken third-wheel which you guys wanted to remove.

The silence was killing me because you didn’t want to talk to me but instead you just stared at her the whole.

I couldn’t take it.

So I took my bag and walked out without a single word.

Because the silence speak for itself.


Whispered Words

7 Feb

“He is not yours”

I heard a faint whisper from the shelves as look around the bookstore.

“You don’t deserve him”

I pulled out a book, not caring what it was or what it was all about, and started flipping through the pages.

“Can you not see them together?”

I poked my head at the edge of the shelf and saw him happily talking to my best friend.

“Don’t they look good together?”

I shrugged and continued down the aisle.

“Are you jealous?”

I stopped.

“Do you wish to be the one he’s talking to, not her?”

I dropped the book and hurriedly picked it up.

“Do you want him to know how you feel?”

Facing back on the shelf in a corner, my breath became heavier.

“Are you not happy that you see him happier with her than you?”

I ran my hand to my chest.

“Do you regret letting her meet him?”

I clenched my fist.

“Do you want him to look at you only?”

Gritting my teeth.

“Do you feel left out when you are with them?”

I hugged my knees and tears started to come out.

“Does your heart-aches when you see them together?

I nodded.

“… You can’t have him”


22 Aug

“How could you?”

He watches her stop in front of the door with her resignation letter in his hands.

“Because I have my own reasons”

She reaches out for the door knob but a hand grabbed her wrist and twisted her around.

“That’s not an excuse”

Swallowing hard, she averts his gaze.

“I-I don’t want to work for you anymore”

He grips harder on her wrist as she screams out in pain.

“Then tell me why?”

He presses himself on her.

“You killed him”

He doesn’t flinch.

“I’ve killed men who goes against the law”

She spits in his face and tries to struggle.

“Law? Don’t fuck with me, you killed him for no reason”

It hit a nerve. He used his other hand and grabbed her by the neck, slowly choking her down.

“I’m still your captain, you should show some respect”

She coughed and tries to take his hand off her neck, no good.

“I never did show any damn respect to you, son of a bitch”

He threw her down the floor and pinned her wrists above her with one hand.

“Then I should teach you a lesson about respect”

She felt a hand run down to her thighs, her eyes widened and struggles even more.

“Don’t touch me!”

She hit him with her knees but his body still won’t budge, he was stronger than she seem.

“I’ll make you regret everything, mostly about leaving me”