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Odd Because It Was Only You

20 Mar

My eyes are burning due to these neon and flashing lights as different faces flash before me, flashing smiles and shaking my numb hands, it’s odd that it was only your face that I seem to have seen very clearly.

My ears felt like they were going to bleed due to the sounds of the stereo, I’ve tried my best to keep my hearing available as I introduced myself to the strangers in front of me but it was only your voice that I’ve heard among all the people I’ve introduced to.

My heart and my body felt like they were being jack hammered due to the vibration of the stereo and the dance floor, but when I am with you my body was at ease.

Sadly I couldn’t remember the names of the people I’ve met because every time I would meet someone it corresponds to a glass of god-knows-what and ended up forgetting them in the end, but the odd thing is that I only remembered your name.

As my vision begins to blur and my body begins to betray me you were the last person that I’ve seen before everything went blank.

I don’t know why but it was odd because it was only you who I remember.



2 Dec

Brain-wreaking. Irritating. Annoying. Heart Racing. Basically life-draining.

Those were the words that you told me as you try to explain what you’re feeling right now.

Is this what you call a hangover?

A massive after effect of excessive drinking.

But you didn’t drink that much.

Or was it too strong for you?

But you weren’t drunk were you?

But if you were, how many boys did you kiss?

Any girls?

Did you jumped into the pool in your favorite shirt?

Did you screamed out your confession to the guy that you’ve liked for so long?

Or were you too drunk to remember?

I don’t you were drunk last night…

Because if you were, there would be a hickey on your skin