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This is the End

19 Feb

This is the end.

I’ve lost.

You confessed.

Not to me.

But to her.

Good luck.

I know that you’ll love each other.

Look after her.

She’s my best friend.

She has to look after you.

You are like my brother.


I had always loved you more.

More than a brother.

But as a lover.

Don’t worry.

You’ll see me again.

In 3 months.

You’ll see me.

With a man.

Who will love me.

Just like how you loved me.

But the sad thing is that.

It’s not you.


How could I fall for someone who is already in love with someone else?

15 Oct

I walked through the busy streets of the city, constantly dodging a lot of passers-by, stopping at one end of the crossing road. Little did I know you were there standing at the other end of the road, waving at me and smiling at my presence.

Do you know how happy I am seeing you smile like that?

But this happiness I’ve felt suddenly disappeared as the red lights turn green and people started to walk, I saw his hand take yours and led you away, passing by me like I was not there. I turned my head as I give you a last glance, you were so happy with your arm wrapped around his under the cold night.

Did you know how perfect you look under the moonlight?

Before I turned my head away, away from the sweet sight that you and him share, you gave me one last wave before you start to disappear in the crowd. A small smile crept on my lips as I began to step down from my spot and cross the road.

Little did I know it was that last time I’ll see you and your smile.

How could I fall for someone who is already in love with someone else?


22 Aug

He heard the bells of the door ring and a girl emerged from the door.

“What happened to you?”

His cigarette almost fell after seeing her, her body was filled with bruises and dried blood, and her hair and face was all a mess.

“I just had a fight with someone”

He let out a sigh.

“You finally left your clan”

He pulled out a handkerchief  from his pocket and starts cleaning her face.

“That hurts!”

She growled and he just backed off a little.

“Alright, sorry. I just need to clean you up before the King sees you like that”

“I can clean myself”

She snatched the handkerchief from his hand and headed for the bathroom.

“You’re so stubborn, but I like that about you”



22 Aug

“Good morning”

“Who are you?”

“I’m your friend”

“I don’t know you”

“Did you miss me?”

“Get away from me!”

“I don’t bite”

“You scare me”

“But don’t we do this everyday?”

“I’ve never even seen you in my whole life!”

“Oh you have my dear, many times”


“Like I said, I’m your friend”

“But I don’t have any”

“You have me!”

“Are you even real?”

“I am, if you only believe in me”

“What do you mean?”

“I am your friend”

“Are you a hallucination, an illusion, a con, or something?”

“I can be whatever you want, friend”

“But if I hold on to you, will you disappear like the others?”

“Of course not”

“But that what they said after I…”

“Shhh…. Hush now my dear, you were just dreaming”

“Why do you seem so real?”

“I can only be as real as you want me to be, I exist because of you”

“Then I believe you”

“Then I am your only true friend”

Chapter 1: The Beginning

21 Aug

“Are you ready?”

A hand gave her an encouraging pat on the back.

She gave a nod in respond as she puts on her coat, which is the only coat that she had in her life. A coat that isn’t her’s.

“You know, you don’t have to do this. Me and Anthony can do this ourselves”

Those eyes gave her a worried look.

She brushed it off. “I can handle myself this time, Jonathan. Besides, you guys are there to help finish the job”

“That’s right!” Anthony hooked his arm around her shoulder. “We always got her back”

“But this is her first time…”

“Don’t worry Jonathan” She held his hands and gave him a warm smile. “Everything will be fine”

“But Cynthia-“

“Please trust me in this”

He sighed and nodded in defeat. “Okay, I trust you”

“Alright, let’s go get some cash!” Anthony happily exclaimed.

They all went out of their so called “home” and went out to the dark streets of Paris or also known as the red light district, where they will engage themselves in earning a living through prostitution.

“Are you cold?” Jonathan had turned on his motherly instincts again.

Cynthia shook her head. “These clothes will be useless in a while”

“Don’t talk to me like that!” He turned away from embarrassment.

She giggled. “I’m just practicing”

“Well I think you’re going to need it now” He turned his gaze to the people walking down the street. “Because I think I just found your first customer”

Anthony pointed at a man with neatly combed hair, expensive black suit, and a fresh-looking face. He looked like he was well educated and well mannered, judging by the way he looks he looked like he came from a wealthy family and works in a high paying company.

“It looks like it isn’t his first time to come to this place” Jonathan noticed how proud he was in his walk.

“Well then,” Anthony gave Cynthia a light push towards the man. “Go get him tiger”