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Odd Because It Was Only You

20 Mar

My eyes are burning due to these neon and flashing lights as different faces flash before me, flashing smiles and shaking my numb hands, it’s odd that it was only your face that I seem to have seen very clearly.

My ears felt like they were going to bleed due to the sounds of the stereo, I’ve tried my best to keep my hearing available as I introduced myself to the strangers in front of me but it was only your voice that I’ve heard among all the people I’ve introduced to.

My heart and my body felt like they were being jack hammered due to the vibration of the stereo and the dance floor, but when I am with you my body was at ease.

Sadly I couldn’t remember the names of the people I’ve met because every time I would meet someone it corresponds to a glass of god-knows-what and ended up forgetting them in the end, but the odd thing is that I only remembered your name.

As my vision begins to blur and my body begins to betray me you were the last person that I’ve seen before everything went blank.

I don’t know why but it was odd because it was only you who I remember.



22 Aug

“You seem depress”

“I’m celebrating my birthday”

He arches a brow then serves her a drink, White Russian.

“Then why are you gloomy over your birthday?”

She takes a sip and slams the the glass on the wooden table.

“Because I’m also celebrating my brother’s death anniversary”

His face flushed as he sees the anger and pain growing in her eyes.

“I’m sorry…”

“Don’t be! It’s my birthday and I don’t want anyone feeling depressed on my day expect for me”

He let out a sigh, she’s right, then a smile flash upon his face as he tries to lift up her spirit.

“Alright then, since it’s your birthday. Drinks is on the house”


He nodded, it’s at least he could do for her.

“Yup and you won’t mind if I drink with you?”

She shook her head and smiled.

“Not at all!”

He grabbed a glass and mixed himself up a drink, Screwdriver.

“So… What do you plan on doing in your birthday afterwards?”

“I don’t know, I actually don’t have any plans tonight”

“Then let me treat you to dinner, how does that sound?”

“Are you sure? I think a free drink is already enough”

“Nonsense, you’re part of the clan now, you’re part of the family. Might as well celebrate with someone other than yourself”

“Alright then, take me to a fancy Italian restaurant. I feel like eating pasta and Gelato tonight”

“Come desidera, signora”

“You don’t have to be that fancy with me”


22 Aug

He heard the bells of the door ring and a girl emerged from the door.

“What happened to you?”

His cigarette almost fell after seeing her, her body was filled with bruises and dried blood, and her hair and face was all a mess.

“I just had a fight with someone”

He let out a sigh.

“You finally left your clan”

He pulled out a handkerchief  from his pocket and starts cleaning her face.

“That hurts!”

She growled and he just backed off a little.

“Alright, sorry. I just need to clean you up before the King sees you like that”

“I can clean myself”

She snatched the handkerchief from his hand and headed for the bathroom.

“You’re so stubborn, but I like that about you”