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A Palanca From Me To You

7 Sep

Hello everyone! So, I’ll be having my retreat on September 12, 2013 and I’ll be staying there for 3 days. I would like to ask you guys to comment your message for me as I go through a journey in prayer, It can be about anything, short, long, poem-form, story-form, etc. Thank you and don’t worry, I’ll pray for you all while I’m on my journey with the Creator.


5 Sep

“Kill me now!”

You handed me your father’s dagger and you started unbuttoning your shirt, exposing your strong chest.

What’s going on?

“Strike me here”

You pointed at your chest and I shook in reply.

I don’t want to!

“You must kill me now or they’ll get you!”

You grabbed me by the wrist and pointed the blade to your desired point, slowly piecing your soft white skin.

Stop it!

I pulled my hand back and stepped back, away from you.

“If I die, you’ll be able to live with freely without the curse, you’ll be able to speak!”

You took a step forward but I moved back with every step you take.

I rather be speechless than let you die.

“Let me help you”

You reached out your arm, inviting me to take it as you smile so sweetly to me. I accepted your invitation as I reached out my hand and held yours, it was soft and warm yet it my chest felt bitter.

I don’t know what to do.

“Don’t worry, I’ll always be by your side. You’re not going to be alone”

You wrapped me around in your embrace, inhaling your scent for the last time. I felt your hand slowly reaching for my hand with the dagger but I let you lead it away.

I’m sorry

Before you could fully take control, I turned the blade and stabbed myself on the stomach. My vision started to blur and sounds started to muffle as I felt the red liquid dripping down to my hands, while watching your face filled with mixed emotions then disappear after my last breath.

I know that you wanted to free me from the curse I was born with but I chose to free you from your curse, the curse of being forced to love me.